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Ayaki Pan
Senior Website Developer

Qualifications Bachelor of Design (Illustration)
Honours of Design
Expertise Designs and Illustrations
CSS Stylesheet
JQUERY Presentation

Simply put, Ayaki specialises in Presentation!

Ayaki joined in early 2009. Prior to that she was a freelance photo editor for the Glamour Magazine.

Till date, Ayaki has designed and developed more than 200+ various type of websites. Her exceptional command on wesbite presentation ensure we only produce story telling website!

The wealth of her experience is undoubtedly an asset - we often hear comments from clients how her clean coding helped in securing organic top Google Ranking!

Her love of all thing related to presentation is a natural gift. When Ayaki is not developing website, she is either baking or cooking. So don't be surprise that she will design and bake you a birthday cake!

Perhaps, with an artist like this in house, we should start-up a new pastry business called "Square18 Cafe".

Interview with Ayaki

What is Presentation?
"Presentation is about balancing all the natural elements that have the power to create long term, emotional connections with the user. It's part of our modern culture like music, TV, movies even celebrity gossip. "

Why presentation is important?
"Presentation is expression of passion! Nothing worse than a superior technological platform like a custom built CMS with poor and soulless presentation... It's doomed to fail."