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Shelden Kee
Project Manager

Qualifications Bachelor of Journalism
Expertise Project Management
Project Scoping
Cross Culture Communication

Shelden came from an unique background. He used to trade watches, lead a sales team and as an international China exporter before joining

As the Project Manager, Shelden’s key responsibilities are to keep clients on task, communicate progress milestones regularly, meet with clients and produce measurable outcomes on any project. He has been laser focused on how to create win-win (and win-win again) situation for our clients and Square18.

He has been able to do that by leveraging his past "people experiences" with the willingness to find technical solution for every single enquiry.

As a skillful project operator, he speaks multi-languages and is very experienced on cross cultural communication.

Some would say Shelden is a perfectionist, but he often argue that's just part of his job nature!

Interview with Shelden

How do you Project Manage?
"We often forgot the goal of any project is to deliver customer satisfaction and not the project itself. I don't trust any text book materials... To do this right you have to live in your customer world..."

What's the most important thing in Project Management?
"Managing Expectations...Often we have to "dig" through layers before the expectation is clearly understood. My role is to listen and distile information so this can be established at the very early stage of any project... That's the Critical Success Factor!"